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Moving Fry

Thanks everyone for the great replies.
My schedule is such that I haven't had a chance to to anything yet but tonight I'm going to move the fry to the 10G.  I'll probably mix the water in that tank half/half with water from the 29G.  I have some CO2 injection in the 10G which is keeping the pH at 7.0.   Thanks to this list, I understand this to be the safe high end for M. altispinosa fry.  My water comes out of the tap at pH 6.5 but once the CO2 dissipates (within hours) it climbs up to 7.5.  Last night I found a spare 10 minutes to boil a pot of water to try to reduce the KH (which is only 3.5 dH) so that some peat exract could bring the pH down without making the water opaque.  The KH climbed to above 6.0 dH.  Aside from knowing that the CaCO3 should precipitate, it makes sense that boiling the water off would concentrate the minerals and raise the hardness.  Maybe I boiled it too long?  On the way home this evening I'm going to buy a bottle of Muriatic acid and give that a shot.  I'd like to come up with an effe!
ctive way to get my pH down.


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