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Re: Moving fry

In a message dated 8/5/1999 10:10:48 AM Mountain Daylight Time, 
mkong@brownwoodlaw.com writes:

> Finally, I'd like to pose a question about water conditions of raising fry.
>  It seems to me that the water parameters have to be "correct" for fish to
>  spawn and for the eggs to hatch, but after the fry are free-swimming, they
>  seem to handle varying water conditions about as well as their parents
>  (aside from any sexing issues!) and spawning conditions no longer have to
>  be maintained.   Aside from any discussion of whether the fish are truly
>  happy in non-spawning water parameters, has anyone noticed a difference due
>  to water parameter changes, given that the parents are doing well and
>  assuming no obvious negatives, like poor water quality or rapidly
>  fluctuating conditions?  If so, at what point does the sensitivity of the
>  fry equal that of their parents?

I haven't given much study to westies, but South American dwarves go through 
a vastly variable set of water parameters in the course of a year from the 
spawning season they are born in to the one they actually spawn in.  So they 
can be "happy" outside of the spawning conditions.  Fry are more sensitive to 
elevated nitrates and/or DOCs ( I am not sure that it's necessarily just the 
nitrates, but I haven't yet set up any tests to see) for about two-three 
months from my experience.  Wrigglers are more sensitive than free-swimming 
fry inre changes in water parameters, including hardness, pH and temperature. 
 Sudden changes.  Moving them to a different tank without using water from 
the original tank will almost always lead to belly-sliders.  Also sudden 
temperature changes associated with water changes.

Bob Dixon

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