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RE: Moving fry

An update:  I moved the M. alsispinosa fry as well as the parents to the 10G.  As was suggested I used half water from the 29G and half from what was originally in the 10G.  So far so good (5  hours).  The pH has settled in at about 7 and no one seems to mind.  The parents are diligently defending the fry  from the sole guppy that shares their aquarium.  Up to now I've been "injecting" my makeshift food (boiled egg yolk mixed with ground flake food) to the vicinity of the fry and they appear to be taking it.  I'm fresh out of brine shrimp eggs (didn't have much luck in hatching them when I did) and I haven't had a chance to head out to PetSmart to buy more or see if they sell frozen bbs (absolutely no freshwater lfs!).  Any other ideas for home remedy fry food?

They've been swimming for a bit over two days.  Is there some "critical" time where you can be fairly sure that they are eating.  How long can they live if they aren't?

Plenty of proud papa questions,

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