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Re: Rams (one spot vs. two spot)

In a message dated 8/9/1999 2:55:16 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
apistowise@bewellnet.com writes:

> Species have been separated on more subtle features than the number of flank
>  spots. M. altispinosus is very widely distributed in the upper Rio Madeira 
> system (Rio Madre de Dios, Rio Beni & Rio Guaporé) of Bolivia & Brazil. It 
> extend into the closely adjoining Mato Grosso as well. I wouldn't be 
surprised if 
> this species is separated into several species once we have enough 
> data.


marco lacerda, among others, thinks it is a separate species.  the 2-spot 
variant is from mato grosso and has a different geographic distribution, as 
you pointed out.  this complex might turn out to be different species, like 
the mesonauta complex (the old festivum).

tsuh yang chen, nyc

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