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Re: Rams (one spot vs. two spot)

At 12:11 p.m. 09/08/99 EDT, you wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>Speaking of rams.  I just purchased 10 wild M. altispinosa from an lfs.
>are beauties.  Half are "one spot" and half are "two spot".  While I have 
>been able to look up the two in Aqualog South American cichlids II, I can't 
>get enough info on it.  Is it a separate species?  Does one have to watch 
>when breeding to separate out one vs two spots?  Are there any real species 
>differences or is it just a phenotypic form variation?
I brought a group of altispinosa from Washington last year and several
pairs are breeding now.  There are one-spot and two-spot individuals in the
group, both, males and females, so I guess it is individual variation.  I
noticed, however, that twin-spot males display a light blue iridescence on
the spots, have larger fin-rays and a more intense blue-red checkerboard
pattern on the distal areas of dorsal and anal fin than their single-spot
tankmates.  The twin-spot males are also slightly larger than their
single-spot siblings.  Is this a coincidence, or has anyone else noticed
this ?  Of course - Murphy´s Law - guess which fish were the first to breed ?


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