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Re: sp 4 strips

I have a spawning pair of 4 stripes, I say spawning as they often do but
alas no resulting fry has resulted so far.  Female does turn yellow,
possibly not quite as bright as other apisto's.  My pair are housed in a
24x12x12 tank sharing with six very young Sturisoma aureum and four Endlers
Ken Laidlaw has had success with this species but he is in Hawii at the
moment.  Ken if you are out there pretending to be working you could help
John on this.
>> I don't have an dither fish in the tank, should I add
some?   They are of spawning size but I haven't seen the female turn
even the slightest hint of yellow yet.   Is this normal or am I doing
something wrong here.   Any help would be great as I really love the
fins and looks of these guys.   Thanks
John Wubbolt<<

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