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Re: sp 4 strips

Hi John !

I "bred" these two years ago, albeit only a couple of small 
clutches/few fry. They where quite similar to A. cf. pertensis?
in that they required soft and acidic water. They spawned in 
normal water but it wasn't until I dropped the pH below 5
(from serious peat filtration) that any eggs hatched. The
conductivity was approx 60 myS/cm and temps around 26 degC.

They were quite shy in my tank, a 250-litre tank with 
D. filamentosus, A. agassizii and Nannostomus beckfordi
as dithers. Lots of plants and wood. 

They never really coloured up to be the nice fish I think
they can be so I didn't keep them. I regret that now since
I haven't seen them after that. The female was never very 
yellow but I think that is a pertensis-group trait since 
I've seen it on cf. pertensis and iniridae as well. 

Good luck
Fredrik L.

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