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macmasteri low pH?

Bob Dixon wrote - Mcmasteri is another story.  He's a little tougher and
will need a little 
lower pH and softer water to be truly happy.
And there I was buying a pair of macmasteri because I believed they liked
the higher pHs! My tanks are at 7 (with 1 KH and lower GH). Is this way
off? It may explain why they haven't spawned yet despite both being in high
colour, high defensive mode, and the female disappearing into her flower
pot for a few days every other week (this has happened about six times

BTW, I've had successful spawns from caucatoides and bolivian rams in same
tanks. A lone female checkerboard and a new pair of "green" rams are also
prospering if not yet producing.

Any hard info about macmasteri habits would be appreciated.

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