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Re: macmasteri low pH?

I agree with Bob.  The pH in my tanks with Mcmasteri is about 6.0,  2-3 good
spawns worth.  But  said something REAL, Real  important........ALL, well
certainly a bunch ;-) apistos REALLY like top cover and reduced light that
the cover causes!!!!!!!

Apisto folks..........NOTE PLEASE.  My geocities.com address is not getting
to me so please delete that address and use the following:
mjacobs2@tampabay.rr.com    .  Thanks and I'm sorry for the difficulty.


Mike Jacobs
Center for Advanced Technologies
Lakewood H.S.
St Pete, Fl   33705

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> Bob Dixon wrote - Mcmasteri is another story.  He's a little tougher and
> will need a little
> lower pH and softer water to be truly happy.

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