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Re: spawning?

Hello Fredrik
I guess I have to disagree with you on the point that fish that may have
been artificially raised aren't as good parents as those that might not
have been.   I presently have 5 different pairs of apistos that are
toting fry around their tanks that I know were artificially reared away
from their parents.   These aren't just good breeders but great parents.
I don't always rear fry away from  their parents but in a few instances
I do "steal" the wigglers away from the parents to insure I'm going to
get alot of fry.   I nor you, can change this instinct to breed and care
for their off spring, certainly isn't going to happen in our life times.
I know many people don't like doing what I sometimes do, but sometimes I
feel it's necessary or I wouldn't do it.   This doesn't mean the fish
suffer at all.


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