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Re: spawning?

I sometimes pull fry or steal eggs when the breeders are old or
uncertain, and I'm not done watching the species. You can only learn
about your apistos if you have them to observe. If you start with one
pair, then you'll learn about that pair, but you get more surprises with
a few generations.
Nine times out of ten, I let the parents raise their fry. I don't think
there's a principle involved - the choices are pragmatic. By predating
these fish from the wild, we've altered things completely anyway. I'd
steal eggs, but I'd never keep a pair of apistos in a 5 gallon tank.
Apistos are pretty, but it's behavior we're after here, and I think it's
reasonable to do what seems logical to keep 'em behaving.
If a male does the deed and heads for the next planet a la Capt Kirk,
maybe that spawn will give someone ten males to do different things.

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