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Re: Spawning

In a message dated 8/13/99 2:20:31 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
Brown.Victoria@ic.gc.ca writes:

<<  The tank tested at 6.4 yesterday,, long way to
 go to 8.5. Using Tanganyika buffer stuff from Seachem, should be
 interesting to see if I can get a stable PH of 8.5 happening.

The Seachem stuff is great and works well. But the easiest way to keep the pH 
up is to use CaribSea Aragonite for the sand base.  Mine keeps the tank at pH 
8.3  without any salts.  BTW, my water when left alone in my Amazon Biotype 
(125 gallon) tank drops to about pH 4.7.  Good luck.  I have a colony of 
Lamprolongus ocellatus going (in pH 8.3, not 4.7).  They are very attractive.

Although not nearly as nice as Apistos.

Rich D'Ottavio

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