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Re: spawning?

Bingo.............this has been great!  I totally agree with Gary.  Not only
about the information, but everyone has spoken of their experiences and now
we ALL can draw our own, or collective conclusions, which might, by the way,
challenge what up until now has been thought of as "gospel".  Some very
insightful thoughts from a bunch of you folks!


Mike Jacobs
Center for Advanced Technologies
Lakewood H.S.
St Pete, Fl  33705

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> I think the points raised by Dr Kadar and Zeco are really interesting.
> This is the first time this list has worked for me in a year or two.
> This thread has unfolded as a good discussion.
> What does this have to do with Apistos?
> The wide range of fish behavior/habitat change in one short Canadian
> summer stood up against dry seasons, rainy seasons, flooded forests, etc
> makes me agree with Dr Kadar. We don't know much about Apistogramma,
> really. We may though be able to amuse ourselves with seasonal
> snapshots, if we use large enough tanks.
> -Gary Elson

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