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Fry tank

I have been wondering what setup most use for their fry rearing 
tanks. I have been raising cacatuoides and have several spawns in 
various ages up to about 5 months. I tend to keep them among fry 
of the same size and generally considering the territorial nature 
they have done well. 

Now the interesting stage has developed. The 5 month old fry are of 
breeding age and the territorial behavior has ramped up to new 
levels. There is one to two dominant males per tank with the other 
males keeping well out of their way, which doesn't seem great for 
them. How is it best way to continue to raise them to a larger size?
Is a plain tank with little in the way of breeding opportunities (or 
locations) best or is a tank with lots of hiding areas? Right now I 
have the latter setup and it seems to promote too much defensive 

My main concern is the males and what might happen to the 
lesser dominant ones. 

Thanks in advance


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