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Floor load capacities

I was reading a book on aquariums and happened to come across a section
about floor load wieght capacity.   This was in regard to the size and
amount of tanks one would plan on having in a dwelling.  As I read along,
there was mention of the floors caving in after time, not right away if one
exceeded the load bearing capacity of the dwelling.  This information scares
me.  How does one calculate the load weight capacity of the floors in ones
home if the floors are carpeted?

I live in a mansion that was built in the 1800's and about fifteen years ago
was renovated.  This building is also used for conferences and weddings on
the weekend.  None of the guys on the crews remember joist sizes or spacing.
Sure enough, when I mentioned this to one of the carpenter crews one of them
said,  "Well shoot, Franny if you've got too much weight up there the floor
cavin'in ain't gonna happen overnight.  It's gonna happen when your're
sleepin'one night, then boom!  

Geez!  How do I figure out what the capabilities of the flooring is if one
room where I have the tanks in is carpeted and  the other room is covered
with linoleum? 

Let me tell you what I have.  In the living room:  I have two 20 gal high
tanks on wrought iron stands sitting on individual pieces of 3/4 inch
plywood.  Both of these tanks have 10 gals underneath.  The tanks all have
gravel.  Next to these tanks are four 2.5 gal bare bottoms on a cabinet.
Next to that is the 30 gal with the 20 long underneath.  These tanks are all
on the same outside wall.  This room measures 14 x 11 with the usual tv and
stereo, coffee table, sofa and chair.  The kitchen has 4 10 gal tanks, 1 5
gal and a 2.5 on a stand I built out of 4 x 4's for legs and 2x 4,s for the
shelving.  The kitchen is 14 x 17 with table and chairs with cabinets.

Does anyone have an opinion on load weight capacities

 Francine in MD
Fish - photography - genealogy

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