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Re: Aggressive males (was fin rot)

At 09:29 a.m. 23/08/99 -0600, you wrote:
>My experience with A. bitaeniata has been similar, but never to the extent
>yours is. I always had more success with old males (2+ years old) and younger
>females. They seem to slow down considerably and become more mellow with
age. If
>I had your "rogue", I'd stick him in a tank by himself and try a different
>If he is really special and colorful I would wait until he was "over the
>age wise, before trying to breed him.
>Mike Wise


Thanks for your tip.  This male is quite unique, unfortunately also in an
arithmetical sense, as I have no other males (thanks to him).  I guess Ill
have to wait until he is "over the hill."  Id just need to know how high
that hill is ?  I obtained these fish when they were about 2 cm long,
almost exactly a year ago, so I presume theyre about 14-15 months old.  Is
it safe to assume about 3 months in "solitary" for him to reach his prime
and mellow out to start dating again ?  



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