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Aggressive males (was fin rot)

John wrote:
>I have to agree on the aggression level of the Atahualpa's.    I tried a
>trio in a 20 long with lots of flower pots, Java Moss and a few Java
>The male staked out the middle flower pot and tore apart one of the
>females.   After adding a trio of Diamond Tetras it gave the male
>something to chase instead of killing the other female.   The male is
>now around 3 Inches long and nasty.  I really don't ever expect this
>pair to spawn.   

I have a pair of A. bitaeniata with a similar male.  After killing another
male, 3 females and 4 mollies in one weekend he has never attempted to
breed with the single female left.  I tried several suggestions from
listmembers, such as adding another young male and other females (from
different species), more dithers, and had to remove all of them within a
few hours to avoid more losses.  He tolerates the female because there are
lots of hiding places for her, but thatīs it.
A few months ago I removed the female for two weeks and placed her back in
the tank.  After a few minutes of courtship she went into shock coloration
and he lost interest.  Large water changes, pH=5.8, soft water and low
conductivity are not doing anything. 
Would it make sense to remove the male, re-arrange the tank and move him
back into Her territory after a few weeks ?  Are there other suggestions to
induce breeding ?



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