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Thysochromis spawns

I know these are not strictly speaking dwarfs, but they are small and
live like kribs in the wild.

I have two pairs of Thysochromis ansorgi that spawn regularly.  One pair
kept their young alive for about a month, then allowed them to be eaten,
(or ate them themselves).  Since then each spawn is eaten before
hatching, or when they become free swimming.

Because of the intense parental care given, I'm not sure artificial
rearing is feasible.  But I would like to have a dozen or so to keep the
population going in my fish room.  Would it be better to steal
free-swimming young from a pit in the gravel after they hatch, or to
take the slate with its spawn of about 300 to a tank with an air stone?  
Has any one had experience with this species?

Dave Satchell

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