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Re: Thysochromis spawns

Hello Dave
I've had this species in the past and very much enjoyed keeping them.
I found them to be very good parents and raised a very large brood of
around 200 + fry in their tank with them.   I did remove the parents
after the fry were free swimming for about 4 weeks or so and set them up
to spawn again.   You should have no problem siphoning off enough fry to
raise out what you want.   The fry are very hardy and take to newly
hatched brine shrimp right away.  Even if you decided to remove the
wigglers you should still have no problems raising them.   I would try
leaving the parents with the fry for a couple of spawns until they get
it down pat as to raising their fry.   If after this you still need to
yank the fry go ahead and do so.   You never mentioned how big the
spawning pair is and/ or how old they are.   Maybe they are still
immature and need to get alittle bit older.   When I had them my male
was around 3.5 inches and the female slightly smaller at 3 inches SL.
I don't know if this makes any difference but hopefully you'll get some
up to size soon.   Good luck and enjoy them.   

John Wubbolt

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