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Re: Typical M. Ramirezi & Gold Ram

>This is a very interesting subject though about the crossbreeding between
>the blues and golds. You say the first few generations aren't very pretty
>though. What do you do with the fry? Are you able to sell the excess that
>you don't need for breeding?


I bought some adult blue/golds last year in the hopes of setting up a gold
line and then found the golds in Florida.  I gave the adults to someone else
wanting to try.  That is how I know what the adults are like.
Interestingly, they look more like golds than blues.

As far as the young I now have, I set up two pairs, grabbed a few fry after
hatching and as soon as the rest of the fry were gone I separated the pairs.
A few of these will be crossed with my existing golds and it will be
repeated again.  The early crosses will stay in a tank here and grow old,
they won't be sold.  


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