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Re: Spawning A. Hongsloi

I, for one used to feed black worms to my apistos 2 or 3 times a week.
I had lots of nice spawns and never had any problems that I could
attribute to feeding black worms.   Now I must also let everyone know
that I no longer feed black worms and still have the same amount of
spawns and fish in nice condition.   My reason for discontinueing
feeding black worms was just a matter of finances.   I was able to get
them fairly cheap, around $10 a pound, but the they the availability
from my source got not as regular as in the past and then the worms came
in with more leaches then in the past.   So I just decided I didn't need
them anymore.   I stopped feeding my fish black worms back in May and
had no noticable differences in my fish or spawns without using them.
I stepped up the feedings of Tetra bits, frozen bloodworms and brine
shrimp.   This worked well for me.   I no longer feel the need to use
blackworms in my fishes diet.   Maybe I was lucky in that I had no
problems of parasites or disease from the black worms, but then again I
was pretty diligent about keeping them clean and in good shape.  


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