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Re: Spawning A. Hongsloi

Mike wrote:
>Rmer's studies on temperate vs. sex ratio show that 81.5% of each spawn 
>kept at
>pH6.5 and 29C (84F) (close to Michael's suggested temperature and Matt's 
>turned out to be males. If you want a lot of males this is the way to do 
>it. Then
>again you could lower the tank temperature to 26C (79F) once the eggs are 
>That should even out the sexes.

>From what I remember of Romer's study, sex is not determined immediately, 
but can be skewed some time after hatching by the ph and temperature.  I 
don't know if there is any information in how long the fry need to be 
subjected to a given temperature and ph and at what age to affect the sex 

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