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Re: Spawning A. Hongsloi

"EXT AVS; \"Matthew Diller\"" wrote:
> I have a pair of spectacular A. Hongsloi (the yellow and blue type) that I obtained through Affishionado here in NY City.  I have had them about 5 weeks.  I am looking for suggestions on getting them to spawn.

If they are ready they usually spawn, most Apistos are fairly easy to
get to spawn. If you want to trigger them hold up with your water
for a couple of times and then do a larger one, say 40-50%. Changes to
the positive usually work. Give them som time, if they get along you 
shouldn't have to wait that long for a spawn. IMO pH might be a little
high for a succesful hatching of the eggs but don't bother lowering the
pH for the first attempt, it may work anyhow.

Fredrik L.

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