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Re: Wardley Complete Remedy? :(

So much good advice to sort through! :)

First, in defense of my LFS, this guy is what you would call "overly
optimistic" in just about all instances. As he usually has good quality
livestock and supplies, I've learned to listen and then research for myself
usually. Unfortunately, with no cases of ich in my fish for so long, it
caught me off guard.

Anyway, I had started using the Wardley medicine last night as I didn't know
what else to do, and figured it was better than nothing to get on top of
this problem ASAP. The danios are still acting fine, but the death count on
my Rams is up to three of the six. The remaining three look pretty good
still. One is breathing just a slight bit hard, but not so bad that he
shouldn't survive this.

I wasn't worried about the danios enough to put the Rams into a seperate
quarantine tank. The danios were mainly to keep the tank going while I was
waiting on the Rams. At 50cents each and a pretty hardy fish, I figured the
danios were a good bet.

Now, as I said I have already used the Wardleys, which not too many of you
were very impressed with. Although no one mentioned it, I have always been
pretty well pleased with the Jungle products, so I bought some of their Ich
Guard today. I was looking for some of the "Quick Cure" but the place I
stopped at was out of it. As I'm not real sure of the Wardley medication
I've used, I thought that perhaps if I do about a 75% water change, I would
be able re-medicate with the Ich Guard. Does anyone see a problem with this

Thanks all!

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