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Hi Folks,,

I don't know but, I have great luck with Aquarisol for Ick. I haven't had
Ick in quite awhile but, if for some reason a clown loach or someone comes
down with a couple of Ick spots, 2 or 3 days of Aqauarisol clears it up. I
used to raise the temp in the sick tank too, to speed up the reproductive
process of ick, but, discovered that with Aquarisol, it really isn't
necessary. I have used this stuff for almost 5 years now, and it always
seems to work well. Haven't lost
a fish using it either.

Every couple of weeks, I give my guppy and clown loach tank a dose, and for
some strange reason, the guppys seem to love the stuff. They all come where
I am adding the drops, and everyone of them spreads their fins and dorsals
as wide as they can, and they seem to just bathe in the stuff. They will all
stay still in the cloud of the stuff, with their fins all spread
out, and they just seem to love it. After it disperses, everyone swims away
and start doing their normal fishy stuff. They do this every time I add
aquarisol to their tank. Anyone know why they like it?

Shelldwellers are really cool fish. My 4 Multi's are bulldozers with fins,,
LOL. They build stuff in their tank, WOW!! They have a cool stone wall
built, 2 big holes, right to bare glass, with huge mounds of gravel all over
the place. They also do this engineering feat with their snail shells. When
they want to move a big shell, they all take gravel from underneath it, and
undermine the shell. They seem to agree before hand where they want the
shell to fall, cos they will all move gravel from around it with their
mouths. Then, the shell, slides or rolls, where they want it. They all
gather around to look, and seem quite satisfied with their work. LOL!
If they have a smaller shell, one of them gets inside it and starts to kinda
swim it along, with the other three pushing it, this is the most amazing
thing I have ever seen fish do, ever!!

I am totally hooked on these wee little fish, they are absolute
work-a-holics. Every day the tank is different than the day before,, LOL!!

I sure hope these guys make babies,, hehehe!! Can't wait to see that!!

Vicky the cichlididiot

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