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Re: Temp vs. sex ratio

Thanks Vinny,
I'm pleased to hear that my juveniles won't be sexable for a while yet, I
was getting a bit concerned I may have all males.
I'll alter the temperature in the main tank for the next spawning (wishful
thinking.)  How much easier it will be to alter the temperature than
fiddling about with the pH, I hate doing that.  A very interesting exercise
ahead of me in the following months.

From: V Kutty <kutty@earthlink.net>
> As far as I know, no one has done the "Romer study" with pikes.  My
> suggestion is to keep the two batches separate and see what happens.  The
> parents'll probably produce a couple of more broods before they tire of
> breeding or of each other, so may be you could turn up the heater a little
> higher this time or lower it to 24C.   Keep us posted.
> Vinny

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