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fish husbandry


May i suggest to mix the two males (and females), thus giving them
sexual competition. You can also have them in two contiguous tanks each
one in LOS of the other, it might be less physically dangerous.
Maybe they are young fishes too, which have to become a little older,
wise, and sexually mature. Females are ready sooner. (No
anthropomorphism in this ;-) ) 
I've really seen comportmental change in the parental care given by my
"Moliwe" mÔle between two spawns within 5 months. He is now wiser than
before and is now fully adult too.
My .2 Euro.

I've just spawned my P taeniatus moliwe pair with part of their
precedent brood in the tank. I won't do this again, because the
juveniles are the most efficient predators of their little bros and
sisters. They share the same part of the tank, darting off whem the
parents chase them, but their's allways a little one sneaking and
lurking. The other dithers are A australe, D rerio, H axelrodi, and they
are very well put under control by the parents.


PS : I'm seeking for a vinegar eels strain somewhere in Europe.

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