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I will have an opportunity to have a fishroom very soon.  I am drawing up
plans for a stand that will hold 5 10 gallon tanks on the top row, 4 20
gallon tanks, on the second row and a 20 gallon long, a 10 gallon and a 30
gallon on the bottom row.  Underneath the bottom row, I intend to build two
drawers to hold supplies.  The entire stand will be approx 9'-3" long and
5'-8" tall.  The shelving will be 14 inches wide with cross members 16" on
My first draft called for 4x4 vertical end members with 2x4's with cleats
for the center supports.  The 4x4's will be notched and bolted with carriage
bolts to hold the shelves.  I will be using 1/4 plywood to cover the
shelving since the tanks will rest on the shelves edges.

My second draft called for the use of 2x6 vertical members and 2x4's with
cleats for the center supports.  Everything else will be the same.  

Is the first draft with the 4x4's overkill?  
Will the second draft design have to be attached to the wall at the top?  
Will I have to secure the 2x6's at the bottom as well?

I am sorry that this letter was as long as it is, but I am excited about
this project and going nuts as well.  I think I am to close to it and I need
outside and objective views on the matter.  

Thank you in advance,
Francine in MD
Fish - photography - genealogy

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