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Re: Fishwall


I don´t have a clue how much wood costs in the U.S. compared to metallic
structures.  I had my tank racks built from 1" square steel pipe, welded
and painted matte black with anticorrosive.  Costs were about 10% higher
than 2´x4´ pine or cypress, but I never have to worry about warping,
termites or cracks.
The tanks sit on 1/2" plywood + 1/2" styrofoam.  Underneath the plywood
base are 1´x 2´ metallic sheets holding the ballasts for the fluorescent
tubes.  Not only does it make the lamps lighter and easier to install, it
also gives the tanks warm feet.
I wouldn´t advice putting shelves below, especially if you are using wood.
Any water splashing, running or dripping down will sooner or later ruin the
drawers and/or whatever is inside.  My bottom row of tanks is 10" off the
ground level, leaving enough space to clean or retrieve "jumpers."
I anchored the tank racks to the wall, after painting the walls with  a
urethane-based paint, after losing over 30 tanks during the 1976
earthquake.  I don´t think that should be a concern in MD, but I would
certainly do it if I lived in California.
Hope this helps.  Good luck with your fishroom.


At 06:14 a.m. 28/09/99 PDT, you wrote:
>I will have an opportunity to have a fishroom very soon.  I am drawing up
>plans for a stand that will hold 5 10 gallon tanks on the top row, 4 20
>gallon tanks, on the second row and a 20 gallon long, a 10 gallon and a 30
>gallon on the bottom row.  Underneath the bottom row, I intend to build two
>drawers to hold supplies.  The entire stand will be approx 9'-3" long and
>5'-8" tall.  The shelving will be 14 inches wide with cross members 16" on
>My first draft called for 4x4 vertical end members with 2x4's with cleats
>for the center supports.  The 4x4's will be notched and bolted with carriage
>bolts to hold the shelves.  I will be using 1/4 plywood to cover the
>shelving since the tanks will rest on the shelves edges.
>My second draft called for the use of 2x6 vertical members and 2x4's with
>cleats for the center supports.  Everything else will be the same.  
>Is the first draft with the 4x4's overkill?  
>Will the second draft design have to be attached to the wall at the top?  
>Will I have to secure the 2x6's at the bottom as well?
>I am sorry that this letter was as long as it is, but I am excited about
>this project and going nuts as well.  I think I am to close to it and I need
>outside and objective views on the matter.  
>Thank you in advance,
>Francine in MD
>Fish - photography - genealogy
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