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Re: Fishwall

In a message dated 9/29/1999 8:07:46 AM Mountain Daylight Time, 
francinebethea@excite.com writes:

> I have been looking at a lot of sites that have pictures of fishrooms and
>  walls and I am baffled at how people have so many tanks on 2x4 stands.

I knew a fellow in Toronto that had eight foot spans with 2x4s.  Every once 
in a while he had to unbolt the horizontal beams and flip them over.

>  I think 2x4 stands painted white are asthetically pleasing.  I wish that
>  people would or could post an article somewhere about how they went about
>  setting up and building their fishrooms...something like Erik's article.
>  Photos would be good, too.

I would send you to Mike Jacobs's web site, but all I get is a geocities ad.  
I've got his URL screwed up.  He has pphotos of everything from the 
foundation to fully set up.

Bob Dixon

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