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Re: Fishwall

"EXT AVS; \"Fbethea\"" wrote:
> On Wed, 29 Sep 1999 09:24:06 -0400, Barry, Don wrote:
> Thanks Don,
> Are you telling me that if I use 2x6's for the horizontal members of the
> shelves that I would not need a vertical support in the center?  That would
> be what I would prefer, but wouldn't the shelves sag eventually?
> There is one thing that I will do and that is attach a horizontal board on
> the wall behind the stand.  The wall is block with drywall.  I figure I
> could affix this board to the block with Tapcon screws and then bolt the top
> of the stand to it.
> I have been looking at a lot of sites that have pictures of fishrooms and
> walls and I am baffled at how people have so many tanks on 2x4 stands.  I
> think 2x4 stands painted white are asthetically pleasing.  I wish that
> people would or could post an article somewhere about how they went about
> setting up and building their fishrooms...something like Erik's article.
> Photos would be good, too.
> Everyone's advice is appreciated.  Just think, I still have to figure out
> how to move fry, tanks, plants, water.....

OK, since I have built 2 racks using wood I'd let my mind wander.

Vert support in the center is vital. 2x6 are huge and unnecessary 
unless you want total freedom. I use 2x3 in 1 meter spacings, the
sagging is neglectable. The rack holds 9 18 gal (36x16x8 inches) 
and 2 35 gal (44x16x12). The vertical supports (8 in all) are 2x4s.
Total load of this rack is roughly what you're planning. The other
rack has 6 25 gal (32x16x12) and uses 2x3 horisontal, 2x4 vertical
and has a center vertical support even though it's less than 6 feet
total length. 

Do remember that most tanks only stand on the edges anyhow. Once 
the rack sags the tank, being stiff, stands on it's corners, more 
or less.

I haven't read all posts so I apologize if I repeat what's already 
been said. Remember to keep the feet dry.

//Fredrik L.

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