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Re: fish husbandry, dithers and predators and explantation.

> Colin,
> Why don't you prepare your other tank and transfer the PAIR of moliwe into
> that.  It seems a terrible shame to remove the female and spawn / fry from
> the male for the sake of keeping cardinals in the tank.
> Helen

Hi Helen,
thank you for the answer.

My real problem is space.
Now, i've only one tank, communautary and display.
I manage to get another little one (54 litres) in a few weeks. I don't
think this second tank will be spacy enough for my Moliwe pair (do you
think it would ?), and by the way the big tank will have no interest
without King and Queen Moliwe.
Sure i can get rid of the cardinalis.
Sure i won't be able to get the male with female and fry without
destroying my aquascape.

I am going to try to have more plants for leaf coverage in the tank
which is already well planted.

Until the awaited time when i have enough room and tank to have breeders
specific tanks, i will have to "play" with poor considerations.

thanks everybody for this interesting ML,
Colin Dujardin.  

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