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Re: green fire tetras

>i have never seen green fire tetras.   is there a pic online or in one of
>the bensch books?  I have vol. I.
They are on page 244 of vol. 2.

The pH in their tank is between 7 and 7.4, 220ppm total hardness, 4KH and
7DH.  Temp. 80F. 30 percent water changes every other day. Nitrate levels
consistently lower than 5mg/l.  Both sides of the tank are clogged with
hygrophila polysperma with echinodorus tenellus on the bottom, leaving an
open area in the middle for active swimming.

Mike Wise, I am somewhat perturbed by your response to my original posting.
Given the fact that these tetras, like your own Columbians, have spawned
successfully, and continue to do so,  why do you imply that neither my
cousin nor I know enough about them to be considered reliable sources of

Gabriella Kadar

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