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leaf litter wonders

I have a killie-like story about some apistos. About 2 months ago, I set
up a 30 inch 23 gallon tank for two species of apisto, as I had a
temporary overcrowding problem. To manage any aggro, I threw in some of
my dried oak leaves, from the secret stock in the bag under the njisseni
tank. I had cf juruense and cf gibbiceps in there, a pair of each. The
gibbs started to beat up on the juruense, so after two weeks of their
having been together, I moved the gibbs to a larger tank. The female
juruense died of injuries, and I left the spectacular male on his own
with 5 N beckfordi pencils for a month, til I got a new female today.
After I put her in, I suddenly saw a gaggle of half a dozen juvenile cf.
gibbiceps come cruising out, healthy, happy and hefty. I guess they were
easier to breed than I thought...
It says something for a leafy habitat though. 

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