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Re: leaf litter wonders

David Sanchez wrote:
> Thanks a ton David I have two big oak trees next to my
> house that are going to become my best source for
> caves LOL I am thinking of using the leaves in a bare
> bottom tank do you think this would work well? Thanks
> for your advice.

David, I pull brown leaves off a set of small oaks in the park across
from my house. I check for bird droppings, then bag them and leave them.
I throw them in unboiled, and at low-end apisto temperatures, they are
good for a couiple of months. Don't leave them too long as that gets
messy. I have one apisto tank that's 1/3 leaves, 2/3 plants and it works
well. Use sponge, box or UG filters though.
My fish still prefer caves or rocks (dicrossus) for spawning, but they
take the fry right to the leaves. I always feed as far from the leaves
as possible, so i can catch at least a few of the fry.
It makes an interesting background for photos, especially when autumn
leaves have just made it to the bottom. 

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