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sexing N. aureocephalus

Hi Folks

I have 5 Nannacara aureocephalus in a 50 gal tank, along with a few
other dwarfs.

The smallest is about 3.5 cm TL and the biggest two are about 4.5 -5 cm

I have had a female lay eggs (twice) and guard them but couldnt tell if
they were fertilised or not due to the hole she layed them in.

None of the fish i have look like the pic of the male in Linke &
Staeck.  They all look quite similar, and all show at least sometimes
the dark checkered pattern above the lateral line but I dont know
whether this is definately a female only feature.

Is there any way I can positively sex them?
At waht age/size do the males start to colour up?
Have I really ended up with 5 girls?



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