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Re: Egg eating

First thing is if the eggs turned into wigglers the female most likely
moved them to a different spot to guard them.   Give her a couple of
days to see if she doesn't come out toting around a nice little bunch of
fry.   It takes a couple of days after hatching before the fry are free
swimming, so this might be the case.  

Secondly I don't think a water change would cause the pair to eat the
eggs.   I've never had this happen to me anyways.  

Thirdly, hate to admit this but every once in awhile I get a male
Cacatuoides that just loves the taste of eggs or wigglers.   Give them a
few spawns to get the hang of it if this is the case.   Young pairs
sometimes need time to learn how to raise fry properly.   Don't give up
yet.   It's a cool sight watching your apistos raising their fry.  I
picked up a new pair of Cacatuoides double reds in Cleveland at the OCA
extravaganza and they already are towing fry around the tank.   They are
doing good on their first spawn for me.

Hope you have good luck

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