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Re: leaf litter wonders

Plants died left and right and very cloudy
> water.  I had a bacteria bloom (I think!) that was so intense, I was
> it might jump the tank and spread through the house

Ahhhh!  That happened to me too once:-(  I brought back plants from Lake
Michigan. . .4 plastic grocery bags full.  I put them in a kiddie pool out
in the backyard, but a couple nights later, the next day was expected to be
really hot, and I knew the plants would die in the heat, so I, as quick as I
could, put them through bleach, rinsed quite well, and put them all in my 38
gallon tank, which housed my pair of firemouth cichlids that I had grown
attached too.  Well, all went well at first, they were happy, but a couple
days later, the plants started smelling.  The female cichlid was dead, and
the male was looking bad, and he ended up dead in 3 days.  It was awful, and
I don't normally get too attached to my fish, but I was really upset.  I
learned NEVER to try new things to tanks with important fish.  I now am
starting my first DIY CO2, and I took the fish out first. . .but my plants
are growing great!

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