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Re: leaf litter wonders

Hi John,

I think everyone has similar problems.  Kathy & I have to remember to
collect our oak leaves (not picked off the trees; we get them off the
ground!) during a crucial one month period.  We grab a whole garbage bag
full, and it lasts the whole year.  We blew it this year and have missed
the window.  Will have to wait for October again.  Are you feeling just
a little happier now? :)

   - Erik

On Fri, 10 Dec 1999, John Wubbolt wrote:

> Hello All
> I have to let everyone know I just hate this topic of using leaves in
> their tanks.  Nothing against the leaves.   What bugs me most is that
> I'm assuming you folks still have leaves around to pick from.  Mine were
> gone off our trees here since basically October 15th.   It's snowing
> here in Northern New York tonight, cold and nasty.  We are supposed to
> get upwards of 4 inches of snow and you folks still have leaves on trees
> to pick from.   My holiday wish is for it to stop snowing for the rest
> of the year and beginning of next year too.   No more snow until
> Christmas 2000.   I will then be happy again.  Until then I grimace
> every time I see messages about picking Oak or Magnolia leaves from your
> trees.   

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com

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