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Re: leaf litter wonders

John--My kids would love to play in the snow if it ever snowed in front of 
our house.  So there are some people who would envy you for living in a 
place that gets snow. I guess the grass is greener.. or the snow is whiter 
somewhere else.  Cheer up or move to California.

John wrote:
> > Hello All
> > I have to let everyone know I just hate this topic of using leaves in
> > their tanks.  Nothing against the leaves.   What bugs me most is that
> > I'm assuming you folks still have leaves around to pick from.  Mine were
> > gone off our trees here since basically October 15th.   It's snowing
> > here in Northern New York tonight, cold and nasty.  We are supposed to
> > get upwards of 4 inches of snow and you folks still have leaves on trees
> > to pick from.   My holiday wish is for it to stop snowing for the rest
> > of the year and beginning of next year too.   No more snow until
> > Christmas 2000.   I will then be happy again.  Until then I grimace
> > every time I see messages about picking Oak or Magnolia leaves from your
> > trees.

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