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Re: N.tansvestitus


I got my first N.transvestitus spawn today! What should I expect next?
Should I separate the male? So far, he is allowed to the cave with the
spawn, and intramarital relations are pretty good. 
When they will be able to spawn again? How quickly the fry will grow? Age
of maturity?

I checked the eggs, and wow! they are HUGE. At least twice the size of any
apisto's eggs I have ever seen. They are at the very top of a clay pot
cave, and there are not too many of them (not surprizing considering their
size and female's size). Both parents are coming in and out of the cave,
eating well. There are no other fish in the tank. It is kept at room
temperature (about 74*F, or 23-24*C), RO water, pH 5.5, and the tank has
some sort of infusoria bloom (water is not transparent, but not green,
water changes did not help).


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