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Re: Strange looking fish

Gabi Kadar wrote:

>Then there is another one that looks very similar and may be the one Kathy
>is writing about with the multiple hosts, but I can't remember for the life
>of me what it is.  

My guess is it's metacercariae, larvae of digenetic trematodes. These parasites are 
responsible for the so called black spot disease.

>Neither parasite is, as Kathy writes, dangerous to the fish.

Not entirely. Metacercariae normally are encapsulted in tissue and can do no harm, but 
a weakened fish isn't able to encapsulate the parasites. In that case the metacercariae 
can wander around through the fish's body and can do much harm by exhausting the 
fish finally resulting in death.

Greetings, Matthijs

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