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Frozen Brine Shrimp vs. Frozen Blood Worms

Hello Everybody,
Happy Holidays

Have a question to ask you guys.  From a personal and a nutritional stand 
point which frozen food is better to feed my apisto's blood worms or brine 
shrimp? My fish seem to go crazy for blood worms (well i've been feeding 
them that and other flakes (and brine shrimp flakes) but i've recently 
purchased some frozen brine shrimp (because i know they love the live brine 
shrimp so i thought frozen would work too) and they don't really eat it or 
go 'crazy' for it as much as blood worms? is it good to use these two for 
conditioning my pairs to get them into breeding condition? (seems to work 
for my aggie's and rams so far)

or should i look in thekrib.com for anwsers?

thanks anyways
Raymond Wong

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