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Merry Merry for me

Hello all,
stopped by the LFS this morning, a truly wonderful local resource. 
For those in the Chicago area, it's the Chicago Aquarium and Pond
Shop, at about 5000 North Clark at Winnemac--it's just one block away
from my apartment, and I have to severely limit my visits or I'd be
broke.  Anyway, scrutinizing the tanks as I always do, I discovered,
lo and behold, a pair of M. altispinosa cruising happily around one
of the display tanks that also happened to be full of... Columbian
Red and Blue Tetras (as if there wasn't already enough irony in the
world!).  I verified that they were indeed altispinosa and promptly
bought them.  These two were not visibly bonded or spawning in the
tank, although the staff said they'd been in the store for several
months (no one wants them because they're "not as colorful as some of
the other dwarves"--rubbish!).  I'm going to put them in with my
lonely single altispinosa and see what happens.  Wish me luck!  I
also bought some lemon tetras to replace the columbian red and blues
as dithers in that tank, since the general concensus was that they
are/would be too rowdy with spawning fish.

We shall see what we shall see.  In the meantime, I wish everyone a
very happy holiday season.

Sarah LeGates

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