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Re: raising fry with killie fry??

John Wubbolt wrote:
> Hello everyone
> Does anyone else out there raise their young apisto fry with young
> killifish fry?   I've got a tank of young Veijita ll fry growing out
> with some pachypanchax playfairi fry.   They seem to be perfect
> tankmates, the apisto fry stay down towards the bottom of the tank and
> the killie fry stay up towards the surface.   I've done this in the past
> raising Gardneri Nsukka fry with Cruzi fry and Chocolate Australes with
> Cacatuoides.   I was wondering if anyone else does this to save on tank
> space and what their experiences were: either good or bad.   Thanks for
> any advice.
> By the way, everyone have a Happy New Year.
> John

Hi John,
Happy New year.
I raise some killies with apistos. Generally, I stick with Epiplatys,
lampeyes and Chromaphyosemions. Many Fundulopanchax and Aphyosemions
that favour the bottom get slaughtered. I made an error a few weeks ago
by putting 20 2cm F. gardneri Mamfense in with 12 or so 1cm A. sp.
vielfleck. The Apistos killed all but one gardneri, which they seem now
to tolerate as one of their own.
About ten minutes ago, I moved some Epiplatys cf olbrechtsi away from
aga Alenquers they'd grown up with, as 2 Alenquers have fry. That was a
long standing relationship.

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