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Re: video

Dear Erik,

> Rest assured, there will be a tape MADE of the event, just as there was
> last year.  There is already a willing videographer, editor and even
> distributor. It's just a matter of whether or not management can finally
> agree on *allowing* it to be distributed (and working out a deal with the
> speakers -- oftentimes it is the speakers who do not want their lecture
> redistributed). Karen has outlined the reasons for why this was done last
> year.  It is my hope that at some point the convention lectures will be
> available for anyone with interest.

I certainly would love it if videos were available, as it won't be possible
for me to make it in person, this year or for the next 3, due to a heavy
study and travel schedule already.  Another alternative might be to have it
as a printed paper/printout of a Powerpoint presentation, if the video
version is too expensive/hard to do.  Finding out what Amano has to say will
certainly be worth while, whatever the format, and I would also have loved
to hear Tom Barr.  Maybe one day, in person!

Kind regards,

Susi Barber

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