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Re: video

On Thu, 16 Aug 2001, Susi Barber wrote:

> I certainly would love it if videos were available, as it won't be possible
> for me to make it in person, this year or for the next 3, due to a heavy
> study and travel schedule already.  Another alternative might be to have it
> as a printed paper/printout of a Powerpoint presentation, if the video
> version is too expensive/hard to do.  Finding out what Amano has to say will
> certainly be worth while, whatever the format, and I would also have loved
> to hear Tom Barr.  Maybe one day, in person!

Hi Susi,

Again, the issue is not of technical or monetary problems, but of
appeasing those who simply are afraid of making media available.  It is
very good to hear these postings from you and the others; I would like to
someday collect them all and present them back to the AGA management.

Meanwhile, back to the present...your message gets me thinking... perhaps
a couple "redux articles" might be just the ticket here!  Though I'm
normally scuttling around with camcorder and mics, there were two
presentations I attended last year at which I couldn't do this: Claus
Christensen's talk at the NEC (convention rules prohibited any taping),
and the big Panel Discussion at the AGA Convention (impossible to mic).  
So by necessity, I spent the entire time taking furious old-fashioned
notes instead... with a little editing, these later turned into "articles"
(I use the term loosely) for TAG (Volume 13 #2 page 48, and Vol 13 #3 page
126, respectively).  Perhaps a similar "summary", including some photos
and drawings would at least give those not in attendence some of the feel
of what was said, while whetting the apitite for those who are considering
going in the future.  I'm not volunteering to do this myself; perhaps
someone energetic and planning on being at the convention would like to
take on this task...

  - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com

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