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Re: video and unsubscribing

>>As to the _real_ reason.......that some members of the Management
fear that the availability of tapes might mean that some people might just
wait for the video rather than making the effort to go to the convention in
person......well, I take exception to that one.....<<

I do to sort of...if I could go, I would, and I'd still like a tape, but I
cant, so I won't, and if I cant get a tape its disappoiting, but I won't
lose sleep over it! As a member of AGA, (I think I'm still a member) it
would be nice to have some sort of access to the information.

>>One final thing - on the subject of the lack of an "official" AGA position
on the lawsuit. I am as appalled as everyone else that a vendor would stoop
to such tactics to silence honest discussion, but I fully support the AGA MC
in their decision to stay out of it, at least officially. The organization
has a long standing position of maintaining some distance from vendors - the
group neither endorses nor condemns any vendor, its products or services.

Well except with Dave Gomberg apprarently...maybe not officially...but I
digress. There are many things APD management could do in support of the
defendants without putting themselves in legal liability if that is the
concern. The fact that Compuserve has become supportive I am sure is in big
part due to one prominant member of AGA. Many of AGAs more prominant members
with ties to publications and large corporations could solicit support from
the media, and financial support from their millionare friends..you know
like companies such as Dupla, Tropica, Denelle... The AGA could sponsor fund
raising activities, or even issue a simple statement on the basis of
principal, support a boycott, whatever. I dont see how anyone can see this
as politics. There is nothing political about this whole situation.  It is a
serious attack on the personal freedom of our hobby and how we express
ourselves. Its an attack on the core of what built the AGA. What built the
usenet in the first place. It has nothing to do with commercialism. When the
old timers out here first started to form the usenet, the aquatic plant FAQ,
or even the KRIB, was it not to provide a medium of information so people
could make honest descions of how they advance in their hobby? How can an
attack to that core principal not be an issue to the AGA?  Now if not all
the senior members support the defendants, which is their right, thats a
different story.

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