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Re: video and unsubscribing

I agree with Robert on the AGA's official position regarding the lawsuit.  Given
the tactics of the vendor in this case, it's quite possible that a vote
otherwise could have risked a similar suit.  It's unfair to ask the AGA's
steering committee to undertake the financial risk both to themselves as well as
the organization (and possibly every AGA member personally).  It's not the
threat that the vendor suing would win, but that everyone sued would need to pay
for legal representation in the case or risk losing by default.

The SC members have given their views as individuals and, as individuals,
demonstrated their support for the APD list members sued.

We should remember that the strength of an organization is not its official
support, but the ability of its leadership to inspire its members to take a
similar stand.  The strength is in the number of individuals willing to stand up
to these bully tactics.  If you wish to take a stand, you don't need someone to
speak for you, do it yourself with the knowledge that your decision was one
freely made as an individual, not as follower who was told how or what to think.

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