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Re: looking for a good source for plants

> We
> are a Canadian club, so they will need to be able/willing to ship to
> Canada (it's not that big a deal to ship to Canada, yet some places
> won't do it ??

Daren, where are you in Canada?

While it really isn't a "big deal" to bring aquatic plants into Canada from
the US, it _can_ be if the nursery is located in some country other than the
US. In general, to Import any plant or animal it has to be certified as free
from pests and diseases which might affect plants/animals/agricultural
corps/livestock already living here. Ususally, you need both an Import
Permit and a Phytosanitary Certificate. If you are just bringing in aquarium
plants from a nursery based in the US, there is no need of the Import
Permit, but the Exporter will still have to complete and include a valid
Phytosanitary certificate with the order.In it they list the full scientific
name of the plants and it has to be stamped by a qualified authority in the
US to certify that the plants are pest and disease free. This is considered
by some to be a hassle, and not all nurseries are willing to go through it
but those that are willing will charge you for it. Make sure to check
because I've seen quotes for from $15.00 - $60.00.

When you are making up your order, don't bother trying to get any of the
following :
Elodea densa (Caspary Dense Waterweed)
(Anacharis densa & Egeria densa)
Hydrilla verticillata (Florida Elodea, Hydrilla)
Myriophyllum spp. all species (Milfoil)
Trapa spp. all species (Water-Caltrop)

They are all prohibited and could hold up your entire order.

This is all covered in a Policy Directive from the Plant Health and
Production Division of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.


Arizona Aquatic Gardens will ship to Canada and they charge $38.00 for the
Phytosanitary Certificate. They ship to Canada via Fed Ex.
(http://www.azgardens.com/). Aquatic Plant Depto
(http://aquaticplantdepot.com/index.html) will also ship to Canada and I
believe that they only charge $15.00 for the same Certificate. I can't say
how good or bad either company is because I've never ordered from either.

James Purchase

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